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Vivarium Electronics

While VE controllers are new on the scene the people behind it have a lifetime of experience in their respective fields. Developed by a lifelong reptile hobbyist and a group of engineers VE is ready to take on the challenges of your reptile, amphibian, horticultural and hobby needs!

Our first three products will be introduced the first quarter of 2011- this represents roughly three years of product development and testing! These three thermostats are geared towards different levels of the herpetoculture world as well as numerous other applications. Our hardware platform is designed to be robust and durable as well as attractive and easily used. VE will be adding several new products, most of which should be available in 2011.

In the coming weeks we will be adding to this website as products become available. We will also be adding to our reseller list as well.

Vivarium Electronics VE-300